I'm a designer. I love to create. Each creation is unique, handmade and designed by me. I create, artisan creations, one of a kind pieces, limited edition.

Everyday I have new ideas. Always learning new things about jewelry creation, design, painting, ceramic. Inspired by nature I try to bring life to my creations. I create using different techniques, materials, styles, colors. I express myself, my love to the nature, to the life and existence. Enjoying the beauty in everything. Always.

The techniques I use are waste and simple, just taking a piece of metal in my hand and transforming it in the design I had in my mind. Like magic.
Jewelries have prototype design, my design and are created by me. Each season our brand creates a new collection which is completely different from the previous one. I have so many designs in my mind, I'm only looking for moments to transform them in jewelries.
Art it’s a part of me, and I am so happy to give birth to so many creations, and to leave beauty after me.
A handcrafted jewel is unique and unrepeatable and produced in my artisan workshop in the heart of Athens.

Our principals are to select the materials we create with. Our goal slower production schedule, small collections and zero waste designs. We use eco friendly materials: natural stones, crystals, silk, wood and metals. Also we use upcycled and sustainable materials. Our creations are artisan made, handmade, one of a kind pieces. Always keeping strong connection with nature. Smaragdas Art inspired by nature.

About Smaragdas Art:
- Slow Fashion brand - we create small collections, each season, limited editions. Also we don't have stock.
- Zero Waste atelier - during the process of creation we don't throw anything, we use all the pieces.
- Sustainable Handmade creations - the process of creation is totally handmade, and we use very few electricity and water.
- One of a kind creations - we don't repeat the same design of the creation. Also we don't have stock.
- Use of Eco-friendly materials - we try to use high quality materials as much as we can and combine with natural materials. 
- Support locals - our suppliers are local businesses.
- Upcycling - we upcycle items, metals, and even our previous collections. 
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2020 - Smaragdas Art brand was featured in Ozon Magazine Greece, participating at "Support Greek Designers" project.

2021 - Smaragdas Art brand was featured in L'Officiel, GRAZIA, BAZAAR, Bello, OFF TOWN and others.

2021 - Smaragdas Art brand participated at "Fashion Room Service - Summer Pop Up Edition" project, organized by Ozon Magazin.

2021 - Smaragdas Art brand participated at "New York Fashion Week Fall 2021". 

2021 - Smaragdas Art brand participated at "1 Designers POP Up" project, organized by New Generation Fashion Line. 

2022Smaragdas Art brand participated at Modtissimo exhibition in Porto, Portugal.

I want to bring a little happiness in each house, to everyone. I hope my works will inspire someone to do great good things.

Be unique, be different, be special, be one of a kind...                                    Smaragdas Art